Interest and Financing

Low interest rates, and higher loan values on portfolio margin accounts over $100K. Caucasus Capital uses internationally recognized benchmarks on overnight deposits as a basis for determining interest rates. We then apply a spread around the benchmark interest rate (“BM”), where larger cash balances receive increasingly better rates, to determine effective rates on:

  • Debit balances (Interest Charged to You).
  • Credit balances and short sale proceed balances (Interest Paid to You).
  • CFD Interest.


Research, News and Market Data

Comprehensive research, news and market data for traders, investors and institutions:

  • Reuters, Dow Jones,, and other news feeds.
  • Reuters StreetEvents Calendars and Worldwide Fundamentals.
  • Real-time global market data on specific exchanges.
  • Quote booster packs that increase the number of simultaneous Level I quotes.


Required Minimums

Open an Individual account with as little as USD 2,000 or USD equivalent. For complete details about required minimums, see our Required Minimums page.