CCG Trader for Desktop

Our CCG Trader Software lets traders, investors and institutions trade stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds and funds on over 100 markets worldwide from a single account. Please, refer to our User Guide for detailed information.

CCG Trader for Web

CCG Trader for Web, our HTML-based trading platform, is the perfect solution if you prefer an uncluttered, easy-to-learn trading interface but still want to use advanced trading features and tools.

CCG Trader Mosaic

CCG Trader Mosaic

Get direct access to CCG trading, order, live quoting, technical research and analysis tools all in a single window.

Use the Portfolio window for at-a-glance account summary and position detail, the Order Entry window to formulate and transmit orders instantly, and the Order Monitor to track and modify live orders and review filled and cancelled orders.

Create attached orders directly within the Orders panel, including bracket, stop limit, profit taker, One Cancels Other, beta, FX order and pair hedging orders.

Add multiple Watchlists to view groups of contracts and create customized Market Scanners.

Add gradients, lines and bars to Market Scanners for easy-to-spot trends and patterns.

View interactive, customizable charts that support studies and trendlines.

View real-time streaming general news that you can filter by subject, as well as real-time streaming news for a selected underlying.

Enhance Mosaic with premium newswire and analyst research subscriptions from such tier-one providers as Reuters, Dow Jones, Morningstar and Zacks.

Customize the workspace to suit your own trading needs by snapping your favorite trading tools together.

Link windows and symbol action by color using the grouping blocks, and watch the symbol automatically change in every linked window when you change the symbol in one window.

CCG Trader Classic

Offers quick click order entry from bid and ask prices, with the order row displayed directly beneath the Market Data row.

CCG Trader Classic is always available to traders who need more advanced tools and algos.

CCG Trader Classic

Algos and Trading Tools

Different traders have different needs. Our advanced trading tools are custom-designed to enhance your trading environment.

Research, News and Market Data

Get real-time access to comprehensive news, research, fundamentals and market data including:

Up-to-the-minute news from leading news services such as Reuters, Dow Jones,, and more.

World-class analyst research from Morningstar, Zacks and a host of other providers.

Mission-critical financial information on thousands of companies from Reuters Worldwide Fundamentals

Real-time global market data on specific exchanges.

Event calendars.

ccg news

Our real-time monitoring system

Lets you see the current state of your account at any time to give you the edge you need in changing market conditions.

Account Window

View account balances, margin, funds available for trading, market value and portfolio data for all of your products in the customizable, easy-to-read Account window.

Margin Requirements

Stay on top of your margin requirements with quick-glance summaries of potential deficiencies that help you avoid liquidation, and try “what if” Portfolio Margining to see your margin requirements using the Portfolio Margining system.


See daily executions as well as net trading activity by symbol in our expandable trade reports.


Create Watchlists to monitor real-time market quotes based on your market data subscriptions. Create, resize and move multiple named Watchlist windows to fit your own trading style.


Create real-time alerts based on price, time, margin and volume that notify you of important changes in the market.

Profit and Loss

View P&L on your trading screen and in the Account window.

Risk Management

Our sophisticated risk-assessment technology helps you manage your risk in a dynamic market.

Risk Navigator

The IB Risk Navigator is a real-time market-risk management platform that provides a comprehensive measure of risk exposure across multiple asset classes around the globe.

Model Navigator

Modify pricing assumptions and include them in the model price calculation using this sophisticated option model pricing tool.

Option Analytics

Use the Option Analytics window to see values that reflect the rate of change of an option’s price with respect to a unit change in each of a number of risk dimensions.

CCG Trader for Web

Our HTML-based trading platform, is the perfect solution if you prefer an uncluttered, easy-to-learn trading interface but still want to use advanced trading features and tools.


Main Features

The tabbed interface and modular design makes it easy to find the features you want to use. Tabs and panels are clearly labeled to break down trading tasks into simple actions.

Ideal for users who work behind a firewall, CCG Trader for Web runs through the Internet, so you can log in and trade from any Internet-ready PC with no downloads required.

Create orders with a single click on the Bid or Ask price, and create more advanced orders in the Order Management Panel.

Quickly create spread orders based on predefined strategies or create your own custom strategies.

View open orders and executions, and create new orders from open, executed and canceled trades.

View a summary of your account status, margin requirements, equity, net liquidation and P&L, and your positions, all with a single click.

Market Data and Tools

Add tickers to view streaming market data, and choose to receive delayed market data for contracts for which you do not currently hold market data subscriptions.

View option chains, and create a new tabbed page for each underlying.

Use Interactive Flash-based charts to view market value and volume for a single stock, future or index for one of several time periods.

Check the Market Pulse to keep up with current market conditions around the world.

Enjoy the benefits of advanced trading tools without the complexity

Market Depth displays the alternative bids and offers away from the inside quote to allow you to better gauge market liquidity.

BookTrader lets you view deep book data for a selected contract, and create and transmit orders.

Market Scanners provide a quick scan of relevant markets and return the top contracts based on instrument, parameter and other filtering criteria.

Contract Search helps you easily find contract information and IDs.

News and Fundamentals

View contract-specific fundamentals, including profile, news, charting, financials, insider trading info, analyst info and SEC filings for any company.

Portfolio News lets you view the latest market news for the symbols you currently hold in your portfolio.

Customisable Interface

Take advantage of completely modular design to add and remove trading functions and tools to fit your own trading style.

Create tabbed product pages that contain everything you need to see for a specific symbol: market data, charts, open orders and more.

Set preferences for everything from font size and style, language and skin to precautionary settings and operating mode.